We offer Financial Help

When you need financial help, sometimes it’s difficult to find someone to call. The pro bono route is filled with financial advisors that want to help you, but if you have no money to invest, then it works out to be pointless. The Global Neighbor Project collects donations for families looking to invest into retirement accounts and the like. By giving out money to those in need, we can create a situation where these individuals can invest in something for their future without worrying about it.  It is specifically targeted at work at home types that need to be home because of their children, because they are immobile or have other issues that prevent them from working outside of their home. The pool builders Long Island are very reputable and they offer top-notch quality and service. We were very happy with the outcome.

Leading in Pro Bono Financial Advisory Work

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In order to be eligible for the Global Neighbor Project, you must be eligible and be nominated. The nomination period runs from June to September each wear with awards being granted beginning in January. Funds are collected annually and decided based on requirement. The Global Neighbor Project is unique in that it gives people the opportunity to do what they need to do from home and provide for their future as well.

The grants awarded are only enough to cover the opening cost of any investment and we have financial advisors available that will guide you through the process. The Global Neighbor project is a leader in pro bono financial advisory work and helps hundreds of people each year. If you aren’t awarded a grant, do not worry, you may still receive help from any of our highly trained advisors at no cost to you. We are looking to hire Long Island general remodelers that can build us a brand new kitchen that will fit our budget.

Find out if you’re Eligible

If you, or someone you love would like to find out if they are eligible for the program, please view our guidelines and submit a form. You must be over the age of 18 and have a family. You must also be a work at home parent with at least one child. If you would like to volunteer your time as a pro bono advisor, we can get you in touch with the right people. Thanks for your interest in the Global Neighbor Project.

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